Dokkan Afkar and Manifest Agency Are Teaming Up for Video Ad Production
Jeddah, KSA- Feb. 13/02/2020
Manifest is delighted to announce its collaboration with Dokkan Afkar to produce video advertisements that showcase the wide variety of their products. Notably, Manifest is the first agency in KSA to team up with Dokkan Afkar for such an amazing opportunity on a retainer basis.
Dokkan Afkar is a Saudi online retail service that sells a wide range of uniquely creative and innovative products, with a strong focus on promoting local homegrown creative talent and suppliers in the GCC market. 
Together, the two parties will provide premium content that reflects the quality of products sold on the online platform. Dokkan Afkar is committed to providing its customers with high calibre videos and has chosen Manifest as its video production partner because they both share core values such as hard work, attention to details, and consumer priority.
This partnership aims at accelerating sales, attracting more customers, and bringing a more innovative and trendy approach to display everything being sold on the platform. By joining forces, Dokkan Afkar and Manifest will help customers make a more well informed and thorough buying decision.
تعاون دكان أفكار وشركة مانيفست لإنتاج إعلانات الفيديو الدعائية
يسعد شركة مانيفست أن تعلن عن تعاونها مع دكان أفكار، حيثُ وقع الاثنان تعاقد لإنتاج إعلانات فيديو دعائية للتشكيلة الواسعة من المنتجات المعروضة للبيع عبر دكان أفكار. والجدير بالذكر أن مانيفست هي أول شركة في المملكة العربية السعودية تحظى بهذه الفرصة الرائعة للعمل بتعاقد ثابت مع دكان أفكار 
دكان أفكار موقع سعودي للباحثين عن التميز والتصميمات الجذَّابة والمنتجات التي تقدم الحلول الإبداعية المصنعة محلياً وعالمياً. ويهدف دكان أفكار إلى أن يكون الموقع الأكثر تقديماً للإبداع بجودة عالية على مستوى الخليج.
من خلال هذا التعاون سيتمكن الطرفان من تقديم محتوى متميز يعكس الجودة المتقنة لجميع المنتجات المتوفرة عبر الموقع الإلكتروني. ومن المؤكد أن دكان أفكار ملتزم بتقديم فيديوهات دعائية على أعلى مستوى لمستخدميه، وقد تم اختيار مانيفست لهذه المهمة لأنهما يتشاركان في نفس القيّم الجوهرية منها العمل الجاد، الاهتمام بالتفاصيل ووضع العميل في قمة أولوياتهم
هذه الشراكة تهدف إلى زيادة المبيعات وجذب عدد أكبر من العملاء، كما أنها أيضاً تعكس أسلوباً خلاقاً وعصرياً لعرض المنتجات على المنصة الإلكترونية. ومن خلال هذا التحالف، سيتمكن دكان أفكار ومانيفست من مساعدة العملاء في اتخاذ قرار الشراء بعناية ودقة أكبر
A New Era for Manifest Branding and Digital Agency
Jeddah, KSA- Feb. 02/02/2020
It gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of the newly rebranded Manifest. This marks a new dawn in the field of online and offline branding in Saudi Arabia, one led by founder Jawhara Safi and her team of creative professionals.
Manifest will expand into new horizons with numerous services that include brand strategy & consultation, digital marketing & social media, multimedia content development, copywriting and translation, online/offline brand activation, and so much more.
 Jawhara Safi, founder of Manifest, had explained: “I believe there is true power within intentions. They are the hidden forces that drive manifestation. I've always imagined running my own agency to truly help people and businesses thrive. Manifest started as a hot desk in a coworking space in 2016 with an aim to help startups build their brands. Now, as the market expanded, Manifest has evolved to become one of the leading branding and digital agencies in KSA.” 
Manifest is taking a step towards evolving and refining branding services to create a more pleasant and impactful experience for clientele and audiences alike. The revamped Manifest will deliver ideas and content more effectively with its dynamic strategies that take all factors, such as market, trends, and more, into consideration.
Moreover, the agency’s integration into the digital and social media world is an important step to the development of how brands can communicate with their audiences, generate more leads, and attract more attention. Its human-centric approach will help clients’ visions come to life while giving the utmost importance to the audience’s welfare.
With its team of creatives and innovators, the agency will witness the constant flow of ideas and their manifestation into real life projects. Jawhara Safi had commented, “I never imagined I could be this lucky in bringing together a wonderful team that is the foundation of Manifest's success. As a leader, I have witnessed how kindness and a human-centric management style can help employees create better versions of themselves and have a lasting impact on any company.” 
With this recent move, Manifest is up and ready to take on new challenges and produce strong tangible results. 
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