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Take a look at what we offer:  
01.  Creative business naming
02. Brand strategy & consultation
03. Logo & identity design 
04. Graphic design
05. Multimedia content development, copywriting, translation
06. Digital marketing & social media
07. Online/offline brand activation
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01. Creative Business Naming
Shakespeare posed the question, “what’s in a name?”
Well, we say a lot! So, whether we’re working with a new company or an existing brand, our team of innovative consultants has a flair for capturing creative business names that reflect the offered services and build market and social media reputations.  

02. Brand Strategy & Consultation
We research, strategize and tailor specific action plans to each brand. We give accurate and systematized consultations that aid in developing a positive, relatable, and human-focused image of your brand.
03. Logo & Identity Design 
It’s not just a symbol to us! A clear understanding of your business (vision, mission, plan and objectives) will inspire the creation and inception of your logo and visual elements in a manner that echoes your brand’s personality and garners the right attention. 

04. Graphic Design
Our work transcends Photoshop! From websites to banners, advertisements, logos, pamphlets, newsletters, and more, our team of designers will tactically create inspirational brand collateral that reflects your vision and speaks to your audience.  

05. Multimedia Content Development, Copywriting, Translation
Content rules! We can help you develop and deliver audio, video, and written content, including podcasts, magazine articles, brochures, blog posts, testimonials and more. Guess what? We also offer translation services from Arabic to English and vice versa. 

06. Digital Marketing & Social Media
We are always on top of the ever-changing digital trends. At manifest, we offer a wide variety of digital marketing services including social media marketing, social media community management, email marketing, Pay Per Click ads and more to promote your brand and help you stay in touch. 

07. Online/Offline Brand Activation
Get yourself out there! We help you develop the most suitable way to launch your brand and highlight its power points. We achieve that through the workings of digital media or the functionality of offline tactics. Reach a wider audience with us!
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