Manifest Agency and SELA

Teamed up to revamp Riyadh Zoo as a zone in the world's largest winter entertainment event, Riyadh Season. The collaboration extended to brand identity, graphic design and social media, with Manifest crafting a dynamic visual identity that seamlessly merged on-ground and digital impact.

Riyadh Zoo

Not just a Riyadh Season zone but a year-round attraction, Riyadh Zoo made a comeback to the biggest winter entertainment event in 2023 with 6 unique subzones and over 1300 animals from 190 species. It also hosted the rare red panda for the first time in the Middle East.

Services: Brand Identity, Illustration, Art Direction
Location: Saudi Arabia
Year: 2023


Owl House

This subzone offers an unforgettable family adventure where visitors walk through a dark room surrounded by magnificent owls.

The Farm

Where visitors were treated to a fun and educational experience, got to explore the area and interact with a variety of zoo animals.

Reptile House

A captivating exhibit featuring a diverse number of reptiles, including snakes, lizards, and turtles.

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